Takuro Kokubun, founder of SUPER NEKO ARCHITECTS, is a Japanese architect. Takuro received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Hosei University in Tokyo in 2005, received a master’s degree from Hosei university in 2007. In this year, he was in charge of concept design, schematic design in planning for a real estate company in Tokyo. In 2010, he joined HMA Architects & Designers in Shanghai, after having experience in conceptual design, development design and construction management of large-scale commercial facilities and complex facilities, he was promoted to associate director. In 2016, he engaged as a senior architect in Arata Isozaki + Hu Qian Partners in Shanghai. With a focus on cultural public projects, he worked on projects of various scales such as city planning, hotels, housing complexes, and personal art museums.
He established SUPER NEKO ARCHITECTS in 2019.

Design Award + Competition

MUSE Design Award GOLD
2018Nanshan Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation first prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
2017Zhengzhou Longhu 100m Apartment Builiding first prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
2016Zhengzhou Baisha Notrh Big Date Office Builidings first prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners

Main Project

2017Zhengzhou Longhu 100m Apartment Builiding(SD to CD) /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
2016Guangdong Huizhou Caijian Honey Trees Mountain(SD) /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
2016Kunshan Art project (DD) /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
2013AEON Hangzhou Liangzhu SC(SD to CM) /HMA Architects & Designers
2011Yichang Aqua Plaza(SD to CM) /HMA Architects & Designers
2010Shanghai Malu Station Mixed-use(SD to CM) /HMA Architects & Designers


2018A way of life called “Architecture” /Hosei University of Architecture 101 Grads author /Nanfusha
2013Cities of Andalusia and the Garden /Jin’nai hidenobu + Hosei University Jin’nai lab /Kashima Publishing




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