U Office

In this company, the composition of the business team changes depending on the case. Sometimes it’s done by 3 people, sometimes it’s done by 6 people. Also, this team structure is not long-term and changes repeatedly. When a case occurs and a group is formed and another case starts, it is reconfigured into another group. We needed an office space where we would gather, scatter, and gather again. We have decided on one module for the desk plan and made it consistent so that we have a reasonable part of the office. In addition, this office, which has many visitors, secured traffic lines for visitors. This visitor flow line also serves as a resting area where staff can chat, and also serves as a so-called off space. While ensuring security, the space is clearly separated from on and off.


Program | Interior
Collaboration | prism design
Area | 2191sqm
Location | Shanghai, CHINA
Construction | Shanghai Joint Design & Construction Company Limited
Lighting Supply | Koizumi Lighting Technology Company Limited
Security System | iVision Shanghai Company Limited
Photo | Katsumi Hirabayashi