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Takuro KOKUBUN | Founder

Born in Saitama Prefecture Japan in 1981. Takuro KOKUBUN is a Japanese architect based in Shanghai. After graduating from graduate school, in charge of architectural design from the planning stage in the real estate product planning department. In 2010, moved to Shanghai to experience the planning, conceptual design, schematic design, and construction management of large-scale commercial facilities and complex facilities. Since 2016, has been engaged as a senior architect at Arata Isozaki + HuQian Partners. Focusing on cultural public projects, He was in charge of projects of various scales such as urban planning, hotels, apartments, and private museums. His motto is to design from multiple perspectives, regardless of scale or application.

Our business scope includes architectural design and supervision, interior design, industrial design planning and production, and land use planning.
We have more than 10 years of experience in China. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding projects in China, not to mention Japanese projects.

  • 1981Born in Saitama Prefecture Japan
  • 2007Graduated Master of Engineering in Architecture from Hosei University Japan
  • 2007-Worked for Real Estate Company Product Planning Department
  • 2010-HMA Architects&Designers | Deputy General Manager and Chief Architect
  • 2016-Arata Isozaki + HuQian Partners | Senior Architect
  • 2019-Established SUPER NEKO ARCHITECTS

AWARD & Design Competition

  • 2020Interior Design Best of Year Awards Winners 2020 TECH OFFICE | U Office
  • 2020Novum Design Award 2020 bronze | U Office
  • 2020DNA Paris Design Awards 2020 Honorable Mentions | U Office
  • 2020Muse Design Award GOLD WINNER | U Office
  • 2018Nanshan Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation 1st prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
  • 2017Zhengzhou Longhu 100m Apartment Builiding 1st prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners
  • 2016Zhengzhou Baisha Notrh Big Date Office Builidings 1st prize /ISOZAKI+HuQian Partners


yomiuri newspaper
アンダルシアの都市と田園 陣内秀信+法政大学陣内研究室著 鹿島出版
「建築」という生き方 法政大学建築学科卒業生101人著  南風舎
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  • Establishment dateJune 20, 2019
  • CapitalJPY 5,000,000
  • Adress
    〒200052, Room H-I, 11th floor, Kaili building, 432 Huaihai West Road, Changning District, Shanghai, CHINA
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